Thursday, March 18, 2010

The deafening outcry over the Middle East insult to a leading diplomat

This week saw an international diplomat being insulted in the Middle East

Actions were taken which were seen (by too few) as counter-productive to the Middle East peace process.

Moves were made that were seen (by too few) as major stumbling blocks to progress in resolving the long standing dispute between Palestinians and Israelis

A high level delegation arrived in the Middle East, only to be completely undermined, insulted and ignored

An important diplomat was undermined, just as the diplomat was hoping to bring the 2 sides together, and make a renewed push towards peace

Leading politicians, the world's media and international news networks commented heavily on:

This 'incident'

(Or did they?)

They covered, extensively,:

This 'insult'

(Or did they?)

They were alarmed by:

The 'bad timing'

(Or were they?)

They were concerned about how such a move would:

'Undermine the peace process'

(Or were they?)

Catherine Ashton is the EU's chief of Foreign Affairs and is the EU's top diplomat. She crossed into Gaza on Wednesday night.

Hours before her arrival, 2 rockets were fired from Gaza into Israel.

One hour after her arrival, a third rocket killed a person within Israel's Negev region.

The outcry from the world's media and politicians regarding this latest 'insult', 'bad timing' and 'undermining of the peace process' is deafening

Or is it?