Thursday, January 13, 2011

Desmond Tutu is not an Anti-Semite....He's anti-Christian

The following countries have total or partial bans on Hijabs or Burqas:









In Israel, however, all religions are protected, and all people are free to practice their faiths.

In private… in public…however one chooses

That includes Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Ba’hai, Buddhists….

In October 2010, Desmod Tutu called on the Cape Town Opera to call off its Israel tour

Some right-wing, fanatical Jews have claimed that Desmond Tutu is anti-semitic.

They want to know: Why, oh why, does Desmond Tutu target Israel for its 'human rights' violations... Much more so than China, Sudan, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Tunisia, Cuba, Nigeria, Russia, Libya or Indonesia?

This group of Jewish freaks claims that Desmond Tutu specifically (and unjustly) targets Israel in his continued calls to boycott Israel. They say that his pre-occupation with Israel borders on anti-semitism

This claim, by the right-wingers, settlers and other Jewish fanatics, is fallacious

Desmond Tutu is a champion of human rights. He highlights injustices and atrocities that are perpetrated across the globe.

The fact that Israel is associated with Jews is inconsequential

His call to boycott Israel is based on furthering the cause of human rights, and follows his recent call to boycott Saudi Arabia.

Last month, Desmond Tutu attended the “Conference of Anglican Bishops”, held in Saudi Arabia

At this conference, he voiced his dismay at how the Saudi Arabian authorities treat Christians, women, gays and lesbians

After all, in Saudi Arabia, Christians are not able to practice their faiths freely, or in public.


Did you really believe my 'report' that a Conference of Anglican Bishops took place in Saudi Arabia…

Or my 'report' that Desmond Tutu has EVER called for a boycott of Saudi Arabia because of its treatment of Christians?

Wouldn’t it be great if The Most Rev. Dr. Desmond Mpilo Tutu loved Christians more than he despised Israel