Friday, April 16, 2010

The Judge Goldstone Saga: Let the beheadings begin

The local and international press is running with the Judge Goldtsone 'Barmitzvah Barring' story. The South African Jewish community has been outraged, following the release of the 'Goldstone Report' and there are reports that the outrage, and attacks, are now 'personal'

The Times has reported that the SA Jewish board of deputies has denied that any barring has taken place. YNet News reported that the 'banning' is indeed in place. According to the Business Day, the South African Jewish Board of Deputies called the reports of banning "completely untrue".

I think the Goldtsone report is a travesty of justice.

Judge Golstone led the UN fact finding mission on Gaza. The mission kicked off in April 2009 and the report was published in September 2009.

The "Judge Goldstone event of 2009" irrevocably damaged Israel's reputation. It 'exposed' Israel as being a war-hungry, blood-thirsty colonialist state. It 'presented' the inhumane tactics used by Israel's war machine and blatant disregard the Israeli military, and government, has for Palestinian life and Palestinian territory.

(An often ignored and overlooked "by-the-way": The report accused both the Israeli Defense Force AND Palestinian militants of war crimes and, alleged, crimes against humanity)

But, should the outcome and recommendations of that report be of any surprise to Israel and the international Jewish community?

Has the UN and any of it's agencies been 'friends of Israel' over the past decade, two decades, four decades?

The feeling among the general Jewish community, and supporters of Israel, is that Goldstone has undermined the Jewish state, and fueled the flames of anti-Jewish, anti-semitic and anti-Israel sentiment

While the Jewish Board denies reports of the 'barring' of Judge Goldstone from attending his grandson's barmitzvah, there are many members of the Jewish community (and leaders too) who would (and do) support such a barring

Should he have declined the opportunity to lead the fact-finding mission?


But the findings would have been the same. In fact, Israel probably could have expected an even worse, more damaging report from the 'we-haven't-supported-Israel-since-1947' UN

"Anti-semitism", "anti-Torah", "anti-Jewish lifestyle", "anti-Jewish homeland" movements (and wide support for those movements) have always existed. There is nothing new about these movements, sentiments, lunatics.

Judge Goldstone did not invent anti-semitism, anti-Torahism and anti-Jewish Homelandism

And he hardly fuels it

Judge Goldstone sits way down on the list of issues and people who undermine the Jewish community, our beliefs, our Torah values. Judge Goldstone is small fry when it comes to fueling anti-semetism, anti-Jewish lifestyle, anti-Torah views and anti-Israel sentiment

Judge Goldstone should NEVER be banned from any shul, or Jewish institutions. There should be NO debate about such bannings, barrings or Taliban style community dealings

But that does not mean barrings, bannings, and possible beheadings should be entirely ruled out. The target of these efforts needs to be the people and activities that threaten the Jewish community, what it stands for, and what it believes in.

Judge Goldtsone does not feature on that list

Who is undermining the Jewish community's credibility? Who is bringing disrepute to the Jewish way of life and our Torah values? What type of people are weakening the standing of Israel within the community of nations? What activities are sabotaging our efforts to be a 'light unto the nations'

So, who should we be banning from our shuls and communities?

These kinds of people and activities cause harm to us as a Jewish community, our beloved Torah and our precious State of Israel

There's has been a lot of talk about Judge Goldtsone

Maybe, maybe too much talk

Friday, April 9, 2010

The AWB's "Die Stem" vs Malema's "Ayasab' amagwala"

In the past few days, following Eugene Terre-Blanche’s murder, the ANC leadership has called for calm. It has asked South Africans not to take the law into their own hands.

On Sunday, April the 4th, President Jacob Zuma appealed to the South African public "not to allow agent provocateurs to take advantage of this situation by inciting or fuelling racial hatred".

The ANC's secretary general, Gwede Mantashe asked members of the ANC to restrain themselves from singing songs that "can be seen and be interpreted to be contributing to a racial polarisation of society"

However, the AWB and Julius Malema have remained defiant.

On Wednesday, the 7th of April, Julius Malema said that Gwede Mantashe "did not say Mr Malema should not sing this song". This was a reference to the song "Ayasab' amagwala" and ""Shoot the Boer"

On the 8th of April, Julius Malema (partly) agreed to stop singing the song. Malema said he would replace offending words, but would continue to sing the song. Malema went on to say: "The ANC has ruled on the matter and we are accepting the decision of the ANC, but we are not accepting the decision of the court. We are continuing to challenge the matter in court"

On Friday the 9th of April, the AWB's secretary general, Andre Visagie, said: "It is time we stick to our culture and sing the national anthem. We are singing Die Stem and we won't let go". Die Stem is the old South African anthem

Visagie went on to say: "We don't say kill someone from another race group."

Malema, head of the ANC's Youth League, supposedly represents the ANC's ideals of democracy, multi-culturalism, respect.

Visagie, secretary general of the AWB, supposedly represents the 'fanatical', 'right-wing', 'hard-line' AWB.

Let's see what these two, defiant, individuals are fighting for. Below, are the words to 'Die Stem' and 'Ayasab' amagwala', along with English translations.

Die Stem van Suid-Afrika (The Call of South Africa)
Uit die blou van onse hemel, (Ringing out from our blue heavens)

Uit die diepte van ons see, (From our deep seas breaking round)

Oor ons ewige gebergtes (Over everlasting mountains)

Waar die kranse antwoord gee. (Where the echoing crags resound)

Deur ons vêr verlate vlaktes (From our plains where creaking wagons)

Met die kreun van ossewa. (Cut their trails into the earth)

Ruis die stem van ons geliefde, (Calls the spirit of our country)

Van ons land Suid-Afrika. (Of the land that gave us birth)

Ons sal antwoord op jou roepstem, (At thy call we shall not falter)

Ons sal offer wat jy vra: (Firm and steadfast we shall stand)

Ons sal lewe, ons sal sterwe, (At thy will to live or perish)

Ons vir jou, Suid-Afrika. (O South Africa, dear land)

In die merg van ons gebeente, (In our body and our spirit)

in ons hart en siel en gees, (In our inmost heart held fast)

In ons roem op ons verlede, (In the promise of our future)

In ons hoop op wat sal wees. (And the glory of our past)

In ons wil en werk en wandel, (In our will, our work, our striving)

Van ons wieg tot aan ons graf. (From the cradle to the grave)

Deel geen ander land ons liefde, (There's no land that shares our loving)

Trek geen ander trou ons af. (And no bond that can enslave)

Vaderland, ons sal die adel, (Thou hast borne us and we know thee)

Van jou naam met ere dra: (May our deeds to all proclaim)

Waar en trou as Afrikaners, (Our enduring love and service)

Kinders van Suid-Afrika. (To thy honour and thy name)

In die songloed van ons somer, (In the golden warmth of summer)

in ons winternag se kou, (In the chill of winter's air)

In die lente van ons liefde, (In the surging life of springtime)

in die lanfer van ons rou. (In the autumn of despair)

By die klink van huw'liksklokkies, (When the wedding bells are chiming)

by die kluit-klap op die kis. (Or when those we love do depart)

Streel jou stem ons nooit verniet nie, (Thou dost know us for thy children)

Weet jy waar jou kinders is. (And dost take us to thy heart)

Op jou roep sê ons nooit née nie, (Loudly peals the answering chorus)

Sê ons altyd, altyd ja: (We are thine, and we shall stand)

Om te lewe, om te sterwe - (Be it life or death, to answer)

Ja, ons kom, Suid-Afrika. (To thy call, beloved land)

Op U Almag vas vertrouend (In thy power, Almighty, trusting)

het ons vadere gebou: (Did our fathers build of old)

Skenk ook ons die krag, o Here! (Strengthen then, O Lord, their children)

Om te handhaaf en te hou. (To defend, to love, to hold)

Dat die erwe van ons vadere (That the heritage they gave us)

Vir ons kinders erwe bly: (For our children yet may be)

Knegte van die Allerhoogste, (Bondsmen only to the Highest)

Teen die hele wêreld vry. (And before the whole world free)

Soos ons vadere vertrou het, (As our fathers trusted humbly)

Leer ook ons vertrou, o Heer: (Teach us, Lord to trust Thee still)

Met ons land en met ons nasie (Guard our land and guide our people

Sal dit wel wees, God regeer. (In Thy way to do Thy will.)

Ayasab' amagwala (the cowards are scared)

dubula dubula (shoot shoot)


dubula dubula (shoot shoot )

ayasab 'a magwala (the cowards are scared)

dubula dubula (shoot shoot)

awu yoh

dubula dubula (shoot shoot)

aw dubul'ibhunu (shoot the Boer)

dubula dubula (shoot shoot)

aw dubul'ibhunu (shoot the Boer)

dubula dubula (shoot shoot)

aw dubul'ibhunu (shoot the Boer)

dubula dubula (shoot shoot)

aw dubul'ibhunu (shoot the Boer)

dubula dubula (shoot shoot)

awe mama ndiyekele (mother leave me be)

awe mama iyeah (oh mother)

awe mama ndiyekele (mother leave me be)

awe mama iyo (oh mother)

aw dubul'ibhunu (shoot the Boer)

dubula dubula (shoot shoot)

aw dubul'ibhunu (shoot the Boer)

dubula dubula (shoot shoot)

aw dubul'ibhunu (shoot the Boer)

dubula dubula (shoot shoot)

aw dubul'ibhunu (shoot the Boer)

dubula dubula (shoot shoot)

Ziyarapa lezinja (these dogs are raping)

dubula dubula (shoot shoot)

ay iyeah

dubula dubula (shoot shoot)

Ziyarapa lezinja (these dogs are raping)

dubula dubula (shoot shoot)

ay iiiyo

dubula dubula (shoot shoot)