Thursday, December 17, 2009

Barack Obama will not get a second term - The Tiger Woods Effect

In December, 2009, Public Policy Polling released the results of a poll. The results were rather interesting. 44% of Americans would prefer George W. Bush as President.

President Obama's current approval rating is 47%, from the January 2009 high of 69%

In April of this year, Fareed Zakaria of CNN  said “Although he brought a lot of star power -- the talk of the week -- at least in certain circles in Washington, New York and London -- has been that President Obama is failing in his role as leader of the free world.”

Republicans are disappointed. They say that Obama is pushing a left-wing, socialist agenda. They argue that the financial bail-out has been at too high a cost for taxpayers, and a failure for the American public. The proposed healthcare reforms are viewed as too 'socialist', and have even been called 'communist' by many on the political right

Many African Americans are disappointed. They say that he has not pushed an African American agenda enough and that the social issues that face the African American community have worsened during his term of office. African American Congressman, John Conyers, commented: “There is no one more disappointed than I am in Barack Obama.”

The anti-war movement, and others, are opposed to Obama's stance on Afghanistan and his decision to send in more troops. His 'delayed' withdrawal from Iraq has also been criticized.  Congressman Dennis Kucinich blasted Obama, saying "America is in the fight of its life and that fight is not in Afghanistan -- its here. We are deeply in debt" The San Franciso Labor Council expressed extreme disappointment in Obama, saying he has focused too much attention on Iraq and Afghanistan, while America's domestic issues should be the focus of the administration's efforts.

The Arab and Muslim world have seen Obama's peace efforts as falling far short of his promises. They expected more pressure on Israel and were particularly disappointed with the Obama Administration's 'relaxing' of its stance on (so-called) settlements. Aseel al- Awadhi, a Kuwaiti member of parliament, noted: "All Arab countries are craving change -- and many of us believed Obama was a tool for change. Now we are losing that hope."

I almost feel sorry for the guy. After a year in office, 44% of Americans would prefer a president who ended his term in office with one of the lowest approval ratings of any US president. But I wonder why that is

Was Obama expected to solve America's (and the world's) problems within his first year of office?

Did Obama promise too much? Did people expect too much?

Is Barack Obama super human or messianic?

Barack Obama is not superhuman, a supernatural being or an alien

Barack Obama is human.
As is Tiger Woods

It is only a bunch of aliens who could have believed otherwise, and placed their alien faith in the (supposed) superhuman nature of these mere mortals. And as long as aliens continue to believe in (supposed) superhuman traits, they will continue to be disappointed.... and a second term for Obama is looking extremely unlikely

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