Friday, January 8, 2010

Hitler would be so proud of Sandton attitudes, doll

(This tale has been translated from the original German)


Nazi Germany


In January of 1939, a German man, Harold Maximilian (Harry), aged 35, went for a dental check-up. Harry visited a respected German dentist. The German dentist performed standard procedures, and replaced some old fillings.

However, from that first visit to the German dentist, Harry started experiencing problems with his teeth. 1939 saw numerous complaints and visits to the German dentist, but Harry’s teeth issues persisted. Harry’s German dentist had done something wrong, and he could not correct the problem. In November 1939, the pain got unbearable. Harry’s German dentist informed him that Harry would now require root treatment. In utter disgust, Harry left the German dentist’s office and started looking for a new dentist.

Harry found one, not too far from his home. Very convenient. And Harry made an appointment, visited the new dentist, and started the root treatment with his new dentist. The German, Harry, now had a new dentist, a Jewish dentist . A graduate of the University of Berlin.

Harry was impressed with the service and professionalism. The young Jewish dentist was far superior to his experienced (and recommended) German dentist.

So the German, Harry, started recommending the dentist, and told his friends and family about the great new dentist he had found.

Harry: “I have had a nightmare of a year with my dentist. And now, he tells me I needed root treatment”

Friends: “So, what did you do?”

Harry: “I stormed out of his office and looked for a new dentist. I found a great new dentist, close to home. In the heart of Berlin’s financial and commercial district. He is based on Bernauer Strasse. I highly recommend him”

Friend 1: “That is great. What’s his name?”

Harry: “Doctor Steinberg”

Friend 2: “A Jewish dentist?”

Harry: “Yes"

Friend 3: “Why not a German dentist?”

Harry: “What’s the difference? This dentist is great, professional, and graduate of the University of Berlin. You should use him. He’s great”

Friend 4: “Yes, but he’s Jewish. I would never use a Jewish dentist”

Friend 5: “And he probably didn’t even get through his studies at the University of Berlin”

Friend 6: “Yes. And the University of Berlin certificate on his wall is probably forged"

Friend 7: “Or stolen”

Friend 8: “I could never use a Jewish dentist. I would not trust him to do a good job”

Harry: “Do you realize that it was German dentist who caused all the problems in the first place?”

Friend 9: "I reckon the Jewish dentist will probably rip you off"

Friend 10: “And I suppose his nurse is also Jewish”

Friends: “You should use a German dentist. A Jewish dentist does not know what he’s doing”


Thank God, I have a found an amazing new dentist, based on Grayston Drive, Sandton

Dr P.W. Mdudli
BDS (Wits)

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