Monday, February 22, 2010

I support Julius Malema's: "Nationalisation will become ANC policy"

Malema, and the ANC Youth League are calling for the nationalisation of South African mines and other 'profitable' businesses. Last week, at a commemoration of Nelson Mandela's release, Malema said the following:

"We don't care who says what. Nationalisation will become the policy of the ANC....We don't want Zuma's or Mbalula's support ... we want the support of the masses. If the masses say you are correct, we will march on"

According to reports in the Sunday Times, City Press and Rapport. For the past two years, Julius Malema's (one) company, SGL Engineering Projects, has won government tenders to the value of R140mil.

This revelation has come to light, following Malema's purchase of a house, valued at R3.5mil. Malema reportedly earns R20k, per month, from the ANC (he denied this amount, and admitted it was higher). Malema now owns two houses, one of which is bonded, but by less than 50% of the value. He also, reportedly, owns a small fleet of luxury cars (he claims it's just the Mercedes Benz C Class)
Of this latest Malema affair, the ANC Spokesperson Brian Sokutu said:

'Comrade Malema is neither a member of Parliament or a Cabinet Minister and he has therefore not breached any law or code of ethics by being involved in business.'

SGL Engineering has won tenders for, among other projects, road construction and business district upgrades. Clients include the Mopani district, Waterberg district, Greater Letaba and Tzaneen municipalities.

On Monday the 22nd of February, Julius Malema held a press conference. He stated that he had resigned from all directorships when he was appointed as ANC Youth League president (documents show that he is still a director at SGL Engineering Projects). He was not clear about other sources of income. The ANC's Brian Sokutu's statement leads me to think that Julius does indeed have other lucrative sources of income.

It's great work.....

If you can get it.

And seeing that I (and approximately 45 million other South Africans) can't get it, I am starting a call to mass action.

I, and I am sure millions of fellow South Africans, would also like a piece of Julius Malema's action.

Join me comrade Julius. Together, we will march on

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