Friday, May 7, 2010

Farewell to Lolly Jackson: King of kiddie entertainment

Lolly Jackson had many titles. "The King of Sleaze". "The Rainbow Nation's Hugh Hefner". The man who sold "Visual Viagra". A "legend" of the adult entertainment industry

While the death of Lolly Jackson is tragic, I have been wondering about the term 'adult entertainment'.

Why are so many forms of entertainment, or so many activities, associated with the word 'adult'?

We try and look after our children. We try and protect them from the evils of this world. We tell them to eat healthy food. We ask them to exercise. We tell them not to smoke.

Activities like smoking, and eating junk food are not for children. We tell them that they can only do these things when they are older. Only when they are older, will they be able to make 'informed', 'responsible', 'adult' decisions.... to harm themselves.

We tell our children to look after themselves.

And that's pretty 'grown-up' thinking. That is very mature advice.

And yet, as adults, we act like children. Harming our bodies.

Harming our minds

Our sessnce

Look. I like the female form.

Hey, I love the female form. Women are gorgeous. The female body is beautiful.

We tell our children to respect their own bodies. We guide our children in respecting their own, and other people's 'private parts'.

We teach our children to behave like human beings, and not let animal instincts guide their behaviour.

We advise our children to eat healthy foods. To say please and thank you. Not to grab. Not to be greedy.

We guide our children to follow deep meaning relationships. We tell them that cheap thrills are dangerous, and the pursuit of vanity is valueless

When we teach our children, we teach them to behave, and act, like adults.

We teach our children to think with their brains.

Not with their stomachs

Or their penises.

The society we live in tells us that going to strip clubs is a form of "adult entertainment"

Our society accepts, and indeed encourages adults to act like children.

As adults, we act like children in the way we seek cheap thrills. In the way we respect our bodies. In the way we pursue vanity. In the consumer-driven, brand-conscious greed that we aspire to.

Our "adult entertainment" and "grown-up" way of life, keeps us acting (and thinking) like children.

And thanks to the societal acceptance of concepts like 'adult entertainment', we remain completely infantile in our treatment of women...

And ourselves

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