Sunday, August 3, 2014

I respect the Taliban: The only true supporters of the BDS campaign


Boycott. Divestment. Sanctions.

The BDS campaign aims to drive consumers, NGOs and political bodies away from any type of support for Zionist, or Zionist aligned, businesses.

For example, the BDS movement calls for a boycott of Soda Stream, a business owned by Zionists, and based in, what is often referred to as, Occupied Palestine.

The Taliban are at the forefront of the BDS movement. The Taliban have recognized that, to a larger or lesser degree, modern cellphones, computer processors, Internet applications and GPS navigation systems are all reliant on Zionist technology. The Taliban have decided to shun most of these devices and technologies.

The Taliban have also realised that modern medical science has been influenced by the Zionists, and for this reason too, modern medical science is not tolerated within Taliban controlled areas.

The Zionists have also penetrated the industry of agriculture. Here too, the Taliban have avoided all use of modern irrigation systems, since the Zionist enterprise has helped develop such systems.

The noble Taliban have taken the BDS campaign very seriously. They have decided to shun all cellphone and computer based technologies. They have outlawed the use of modern medical science and modern farming techniques in all the towns and villages that they control.

The Taliban are the only true supporters of the BDS campaign. They acknowledge that the Zionist enterprise pervades all aspects of modern technological, medical and agricultural scientific development. To that end, they have gone all the way, to the point where they live simple lives within the caves of Afganistan's mountains.

I call on every self respecting, true and honest supporter of the BDS movement:

Go and join them!

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