Friday, September 25, 2009

Paradigm Shift Your Life



About time (some would say)

PSYL is here

Okay, Uri here. But 'Paradigm Shift Your Life' is the blog I've decided to start

Yes, it's a blog. Because there just aren't enough of them out there

If you don't know what a blog is, you are not welcome here

The official launch of this blog took place on the 25th September, 2009. I have included a photo from the official launch party. Guests included: me, my son Caleb, and the staff at the Southern Sun Hotel on Katherine Street in Sandton, South Africa. They have a WiFi spot at the hotel. Hence, the big launch party at this upmarket venue

Caleb fell asleep on the hotel's couch five minutes into the festivities (see below). He had one Milo too many...apparently


I'm gonna challenge myself..... and you.... and hopefully we'll discover a whole new world

If you usually think 'black', challenge yourself to think 'white'

If you usually think 'bad' I'll try help you uncover the 'good'

Do not be constrained by your traditional mode of thinking, whether that thinking is personally motivated, a business requirement or socially constructed

There are no constraints

On this journey, I'm gonna share many parts of my life, and many an effort to challenge my own, and your, thinking

And be warned, I am gonna vent at times. I'll hopefully relieve some stress and release some tension......and hopefully, piss some people off

Join me

Or don't


  1. Excellent Uri - You should go from strength to stregth and your shifts should be in leaps and bounds. We should break out of boundaries that we didnt even know we had!

  2. WOW I'm impressed..... keep it coming!

  3. Great. Thanks Gerbys. Much appreciated. I hope I can keep you entertained :)

  4. Bru, I am proud of you, this is great stuff

  5. Welcome to the Blogosphere :) Glad you took the plunge!