Monday, October 19, 2009

The Gravy-Train Revolutions

“South Africa's cabinet ministers are by law entitled to the jet-set lifestyle of the filthy rich” (The Times, Oct 17, 2009)

Why are these stories appearing so frequently? Should we panic? Should we be concerned?

At some point the ones with the power try to protect 'society', 'the State', 'the kingdom', 'the kingship', 'the elite', ‘the religion', 'communism'. Civil liberties slowly get eroded. The average human’s mind gets slowly undermined. The ‘we-know-better-than-you’ people with the power, start to ‘protect’ The Thing. (The Thing can be society/State/kingdom/elite/rich/greedy capitalists/religion/monarchy/Communism)

Gravy Trains replace the Ideal

Gravy Trains happened in ancient Egypt. They existed in Ancient Rome. They happened in Jewish Temple times and even in Stalinist Russia. Revolutions followed. Revolutions took place all through history. One happened in the United States in 2008. Another in Honduras in 2009.

At some point, the people/serfs/masses/poor/humans mobilise. And revolt. For justice. For freedom. For the public good. For the greater good. For the ideal. An ideal that got replaced by an elite, who’s goal is to protect themselves, or The Thing. At some point, people realize that they too have brains/souls/minds/requirements, and that these are not being met or realised. They realise that maintianing The Thing has replaced striving for The Ideal.

There will always be Gravy Trains. And there will always be Revolutions. Some revolutions are peaceful. Some are not. Jacob Zuma, as president, signals a start of the South African revolution. He, and his (we-understand-the-masses) cabinet, replaced former like-minded people, who subsequently became Gravy Train passengers.

And, as we see in the press, cabinet ministers and other Drivers of Liberty, are now becoming Gravy Train Passengers. And countries/states/organised religions/cultures need to recognise that they are all at some point in the Gravy Train cycle. Leadership needs to recognize this in themselves, and in others. Countries and cultures fight one another over being either too focused on civil-liberties or too focused on authoritarian control.

People, and societies, need to keep questioning themselves, their values, and, most importantly, their leadership. And this is indeed happening in South Africa. The mere fact that Gravy Trains are being exposed, is great for the country. It means we can hold people accountable. It means, we still have an ideal and a goal that we are trying to achieve.

It means that neither the public, nor the politicians, are able to claim ignorance.

Plausible deniability is impossible.

The ‘we-know-better-than-you’ people with the power, will fight to protect themselves. These are the rich/elite/king/State/Empire/politicians/landowners/bankers/religous leadership/capitalists/communists. And, they continue to tell us that they are fighting in/for our best interests. And, we believe them.After all, we need them. We are not as clever, humane, wise and Godly as they are, are we?

There will be a revolution in South Africa. Everybody knows what's going on. Society's capitalist greed, politically sponsored theft and white-collar crime, are all being exposed. We are all aware of these issues. Many of us contribute to these issues

All societies and cultures are in Gravy-Train cycles. South Africa's Gravy-Train Revolution will come. And when it comes, it will be mostly peaceful.

If we let it be

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