Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Only an end to Occupation will bring an end to Suicide Bombers!

This past week has been a busy week for suicide bombers. They have struck in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran.


I’m no medical or forensic expert, but I assume that it has not been the same group of suicide bombers

I suppose, that is the downside of being a suicide bomber.

Ask Achmed The Dead Terrorist and Former Suicide Bomber

The Occupation must end!

Whenever a suicide bombing, or other attack, on Israeli civilians, soldiers or facilities takes place, the sympathy of the world lies with the perpetrators. And the justification for these attacks: The Occupation

And I one hundred percent agree

The Occupation must end!

It’s the same story, the world over. Whether it’s the USA’s 9/11/2001 or the UK’s 7 July 2005, or India’s 26 November 2008, or Afghanistan’s 17 January 2009, or Iraq’s 13 February 2009, or Pakistan’s 15 October 2009, or Iran’s 11/19/2009 or 29 Dec 2008, or Egypt’s 23 July 2005

The Occupation must end!

Why are extremists blowing themselves up in Iraqi Mosques and in market places? Why are they killing fellow Muslims? What kind of desperation leads a woman to be a suicide bomber, killing Muslims on pilgrimage?

Is it due to poverty and desperation? (like the Western, wealthy UK)

Is it due to a foreign powers ruling their lands? (Like the independent Iran and Egypt and Pakistan)

If poverty and hardship leads to suicide bombing, then why aren’t the poor and desperate residents of Alexandra Township in Johannesburg, blowing themselves up in opulent Sandton City (5 minutes away) to further their cause

If being ‘dispossessed’ of land leads to suicide bombing. Then why aren’t the Freedom Front and the AWB and every proud Afrikaner blowing themselves up outside the parliament buildings in Cape Town

The Occupation must end!

Extremists must stop Occupying their time with hatred, racism, bigotry. They must stop Occupying their resources in the pursuit of death, destruction and evil

Do you want to know THE ONE thing that causes suicide bombing?

Suicide bombers