Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I spotted Eternity in Cape Town

About a week and half ago, my daughter, Noa Ariella, who recently turned 5 years old, asked me:

“Abba (daddy), who made God?”

The brackets are mine

And, for about 20 minutes I praised her for asking such a deep philosophical question. A question many people ponder. People aged 5, people aged 50, or 80, or older.

And we got into a discussion about ‘who made God’ and what the question means to me.

The short answer was: God was not made. God has always been. God will always be. That’s what God believers believe. An attempt to think of God in human/earthly terms means that we think of God as created/made with an earthly end in death/breakage.

But, God believers believe that God always existed, and always will exist. God is infinite. And God believers want to tap into that ‘Infinite’. We want to tap into something that is outside of ourselves, outside of the constraints of creation and death, outside of the bounds or time, outside of the bounds of decay. Outside of the things that define our earthly, human, natural existence

Belief in God is belief in the infinite.

And to people who are not ‘believers’, these concepts sounds ridiculous. They sound irrational. They sound primitive.

Yet, the believer/irrational mind, and the non-believer/rational mind have the same goal. And that goal is to tap into something bigger than ourselves. Tap into something that lasts forever. Tap into something that is not bound by earthly, human, natural constraints.

Some people want to build a financial empire. Some attempt to create a lasting legacy. Some buy properties as a way of establishing a lasting presence in this world. Some people collect cash.

So, what’s the difference between the ‘spiritual’ believer who wishes to tap into the infinite, and the person involved in the ‘physical’ world wanting to create something bigger than themselves?

The difference: The latter uses finite tools. Tools that are intrinsically bound by the constraints of this world. And that works.

Well, that works until the money is squandered by a foolish descendent a few generations down the line….. or until the property is stolen by a lunatic regime….. or the body’s organs fail due to old age despite the external plastic surgery and appearance of ‘youth’…..or physical life ends, as the earthly rules dictate

But I prefer using infinite tools. The spiritual tools that I believe God gave me. And I want to tap into the infinite, by using, what I believe, is the infinite.

Same goal, different paths.

Some people focus on the spiritual, and miss out on some earthly, finite pleasures. And I find that sad. But what I find even sadder is that some people spend too much time on the physical, and ignore the infinite that is God

So, when I said that I spotted Eternity in Cape Town. I did. And for some, this is what it looks like

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