Tuesday, October 6, 2009

South Africa rocks

I am currently in Cape Town, South Africa. It’s almost 1am, Tuesday morning, and I am sitting in my hotel room, on the 19th floor of the Ritz hotel. I’m looking at the new Greenpoint stadium, and Cape Town city lights, and it’s all beautiful. I’ll be here for 4 days. The new Greenpoint stadium is one of the 2010, soccer stadiums/stadia. And the city is gearing up. There is construction and development. There are banners and billboards.

(Oy.... I hope I didn't breach any intellectual property laws by saying the words '2010', 'soccer' and 'stadium'.......... all in one week)

I flew down, with my kids, yesterday. The experience has been wonderful. The service at OR Tambo was efficient. The people we met, and who served us, were friendly. For example, as my son Caleb and I entered the men’s bathroom at OR Tambo, the cleaner stationed within the facilities said, in the most joyous of voices “Welcome to my office”. He had so much pride in his ‘crap’ job.

My kids, Noa Ariella and Caleb, were invited to help check in the luggage. Following their great work behind the counter, Kulula only had 7 complaints of lost luggage when we arrived in Cape Town* (see note at the end of this post).

We had a great airport experience followed by a wonderful flight. My kids, even got to do catch up on some in-flight work.

In Cape Town, the service has been equally great. And the hotel where I am staying, is packed with German, English, Japanese and Indian tourists. This hotel is also gearing up for 2010. It is going through a major refurbishment, and many signs display, proudly, that they will be providing official 2010 accomodation.

There are many international tourists staying here. They clearly see something special, unique, and enticing about South Africa

Why don’t we start doing the same thing?

South Africa has its issues. Crime, corrupt politicians, dodgy policemen.

So many ‘unique’ issues

Why can’t we have a ‘normal’ country? Why can’t we have a country where the president is not involved in unscrupulous sexual relations? Why can’t we be like America

Oh, in that sense, we are

Okay, why can’t we have a country where politicians are honourable, and conduct their financial dealings in an above-board manner? Why can’t we be like England

Oh, in that sense we are

Okay, why can’t we have a country where the police force is not dogged with corruption? Why can’t we be like Italy?

Oh, in that sense we are

Why can’t we have honest bankers? Why can’t we have moral business leaders? Why can’t we be like Germany, Switzerland or France

Oh, in that sense we are

Why can’t Johannesburg be a safe city? Why can’t we be safe, like the citizens of Los Angeles?

Oh, in that sense we are

Do I really need to go on to prove my point?

South Africa has so many issues. And so does everywhere else.

And South Africa has so much good. As does anywhere else

Let’s focus on all the good that this country has and gives us, in the same way we choose to focus on the good things that other countries possess.

We are too eager to ignore the crap that every other ‘great’ country has. Let’s also start ignoring our own crap for change

South Africa rocks

* For all you bitter South Africans……….that was only a joke. Relax Max

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