Monday, October 5, 2009

Judge Goldstone, I salute you

I'm a Jew. A proud and partly-practicing Jew. I support the State of Israel. Proudly. My goals, as per my religious beliefs, are to better myself, relate kindly to people and contribute positively to society and the world around me. These are in accordance with just some of the Godly laws I follow.

Judge Richard Goldstone recently authored the UN Human Rights Council's report on the Israel/Gaza conlict. This report has been 'somewhat' controversial

Judge Goldstone, your life work, life goals, and achievements are aimed at fighting injustice and contributing to the betterment of society. These are noble humanitarian goals, based in humanitarian (and Godly) laws.

Judge Goldstone, our goals are similar, if not identical, most of the time.

Our paths differ

Judge Goldstone, you are no extremist. You do not agree to the murder of innocents. You are not a serial killer who ignores societal/humanitarian laws. Humanitarian laws that are aimed at promoting individual and social development. You are not a man who ignores westernized, societal laws which are aimed at the betterment of the world. Your laws say the murder of innocents, or the abuse of the helpless, is cruel, and you are obviously not an extremist of your world. You are not a murderer. Murderers in your world don’t abide by the laws that most people in your world abide by. Murderers in your world are extremists. As are thieves and rapists. They don’t live by the laws of your society. Laws that most of ‘your’ people live by. Laws that contribute to the betterment of society.

I am semi-religious, practicing Jew. And I support the State of Israel. I am not a religious extremist. I am not an abuser, or war criminal, who ignores God's laws. Godly laws that are aimed at promoting individual and social development. I am not a man who ignores God’s laws which are aimed at the betterment of the world. My laws say that the murder of innocents, or the abuse of the helpless, is evil. I am not an extremist in my world. I am not a terrorist. Terrorists in my God-fearing world, don’t abide by the laws that most people in my world abide by. Terrorists are extremists. As are those who molest children, or deal in human kidneys. They don’t live by the laws of my society. Laws that most of ‘my’ people live by. Laws that contribute to the betterment of society.

Judge Goldstone, you are doing, what I would call, Godly work. It’s aimed at the betterment of humankind. And I, as a God fearing semi-religious, proudly Zionist Jew am trying to do the same thing. I respect your ideal. I admire your goals.

I don’t follow your path. I have my path.

There are extremists who disobey the common-good laws (whether human inspired or God given). And we have to deal with those. Secular extremists, and religious extremists ignore the laws that most secular and most religious people believe in. We need to support moderates in each other's camps and deal with the extremists in our own camps

Goldstone is 'Cain', or any similar talk, is ridiculous and extremist. Judge Goldstone is someone who holds dear to his heart every ideal that I do. His path differs from mine. And there are billions of other God fearing people who follow God’s laws. And there are extremists who do not follow these laws. Moslems who blow up busses, Christians who molest children and Jews who deal in kidneys. They are extremists, not the norm. Don’t use them to accuse me of having a flawed system or path.

You follow a different path, aimed achieving humanitarian, Godly goals. And that is great. You're the kind of moderate that should be supported in this world.

I too, am trying to do good in this world. The State of Israel is trying to do good in this world. Please don’t ignore the good that forms a basis of my goals. Please don’t ignore the good that forms the basis of Israel’s goals.

That’s what the extremists do. That’s what the terrorist do. They just don’t want to acknowledge the good that I do, that my people do, that the State of Israel does.

I am not going to let the path become the goal. That’s what extremists do. An extremist will kill me for the way I approach God (path), as opposed to work with me because I too acknowledge God (goal). Focusing on the path is a waste of energy. Focusing on the common goal is where our energies should be focused. We’ll all be a lot more successful and productive. Do we honestly live for our goals, or have we let the path become our goal? Are we extremists?

Please, Judge Goldstone et al, do not use extremism, or flaws in the ‘God’ camp to negate what we have to offer. And I will not use extremism, or flaws, to negate what the ‘humanitarian’ camp has to offer. Let us work together where goals converge, and not fight where paths differ. If you are not respecting and acknowledging someone else’s contribution to the betterment of themselves or the world around them, you are an extremist. Because that’s exactly what extremists do. That is what terrorists do. They refuse to acknowledge the good work Jewish people do, or the amazing work the State of Israel does. They have focused their destructive energies on our 'differences in paths', and have ignored our common goals.

Let’s not be extremists, who ignore the positive contributions others are making to this world. Let’s use or common goals as a source for construction

Judge Goldstone, I'm a practicing Jew, lover of God, and supporter and the State of Israel. I'm not an apologist. I have a path that I follow, in order to achieve certain goals. I don’t follow your path, but I acknowledge, respect and admire the Godly, humanitarian work that you do. And I ask that you do the same for me.

In conflict with what was reported in the Sunday Times article, I am not “disenchanted” with you, Judge Goldstone. Your goals are Godly. I cannot ignore the Godly good you are trying to do for the world.

Please don’t ignore the same Godly good, I (or Israel) am trying to achieve

Let’s not be destructive extremists, focusing on our differing paths.

Let's focus our constructive energies on achieving our common goals


  1. I respect your opinion, though I too- as a Jew and as an Israeli, disagree with your conclusions that what Richard Goldstone did was honorable and right. His mission was predetermined; the mandate set with bias. He was given only 7 weeks to "investigate" and limited his investigation from Dec - Jan - with considerations starting from June, 2008. He largely ignored 8 years of rocket attacks and gave Gilad Shalit's situation lip-service. I urge you and everyone to review the information on a site: It has dozens of links to information that was lacking in the Goldstone report.

    Goldstone wrote that they found no evidence that Hamas used Palestinian civilians as human shields - nonsense.

    Goldstone wrote that it was not an international crime to hide weaponry among civilian populations per se - nonsense again.

    On and on. The inaccuracies are there. Goldstone may have been well-intentioned when he decided to take the position, but the report delivered what the UN wanted it to say and what was expected. He ignored vital testimony, humiliating people who have suffered enough and accepted readily lies and inaccuracies presented to him.

    Please review the site I posted - please post it and show others. Well intentioned or not, Jew or not, Zionist or not - Goldstone has not served the interests of his mandate and certainly not those of his people or Israel.

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  3. Thank you so much for your comments.

    I am not a mother of a soldier, and will never claim to understand what that is like

    But I do hate the UN. Does that helpmy stance within the broader Jewish community?

    And I do see all the flaws in Judge Goldstone's report. Is that of assistance to my stance?

    And I do recognise the ridiculous mandate under which Judge Goldstone operated. Is that acceptable to people I upset?

    I have many reasons not to accept, or work with, people that I dislike

    But that is not the point of this blog

    The point of this blog is for me to challenge my thinking. The point of this blog is to understand that while there are many reasons not to work with someone I dislike, there are many more reasons why I should work with someone I dislike, if our goals are indeed the same.

    Our paths may differ

    Let's not allow ourselves to get caught up in differing paths.Because once we do that, the UN, and Judge Goldstone will forever refuse to see that I/Israel has so much good to offer this world.

    And as long as I don't recognise the same in others, they will not recognise the same in me

    I want to engage with people like Judge Goldstone (i.e. people who's path I do not follow, but with whom I share the same ideals)

    If I do not recognise the good they can bring to the table, and engage with them on that basis, they will not recognise the good that I can bring to the table.

    And I (and the State of Israel) has more good than not, to bring to the table

    I recognise that the UN was founded on Godly principles. And Judge Goldstone personally acts, to a large degree, according to those Godly principle.

    With those same principles in mind, both sides have more to chat about than to fight over.