Monday, October 12, 2009

The Random Richard Dawkins

“If you want to do evil, science provides the most powerful weapons to do evil; but equally, if you want to do good, science puts into your hands the most powerful tools to do so” Richard Dawkins

Extremist believers in religion will deny the value that science, modern medicine and the ‘enlightened’ western world, has brought to humankind. These religious-extremists will call science unnecessary. These extremists will blame western values and its focus on individual and scientific progress ,for all the evils in the world. These extremists will say that science and western values are not necessary, and these extremists will blow up supporters of the western, scientific world……in order to make sure that the evil followers of science and the western world do not oppose/undermine the authority/influence of God/Religion

Extremist believers in science deny the existence of God, as well the moral, family and societal values that religion has to offer the world. These science-extremists will call belief in God delusional. These extremists will blame religion for all the world’s wars and evils. These extremists will say religion is not necessary, and these extremists will kill millions of God believers….. in order to make sure that the evil followers of religion do not oppose/undermine the authority/influence of Progress/The State

Richard Dawkin’s, in his best-selling book (the cryptically titled) The God Delusion, argues, in short, that belief in God is delusional…. (did not see that one coming). He maintains that belief in God is deadly and that religion is the root of all evil

I argue that Richard Dawkins is an extremist.

Richard Dawkins undermines every good thing that belief in God and organized religion has to offer. Dawkins clearly acknowledges that science has the ultimate weapons for good and evil. Well, religion does too. Extremists in either camp will use belief in science/God to justify its use for evil.

Richard Dawkins, in denying all the good that religion has to offer, is as extremist as a religious fanatic who denies all the good that the science and the western world has to offer

While The God Delusion is Dawkin’s most talked about book in recent years, he has written many other works. In The Blind Watchmaker, he writes about evolution and natural selection. In this book, Dawkins speaks of, among other things, "Randomness" coupled with cumulative selection

I realize that there is an argument for non-belief in God. I understand that people believe in evolutionary development that is based on natural selection. I know that Dawkins believes in the ‘accident of birth’.

I know that there are people that believe in “Randomness”

And then there are people like me

And I am one of those people, who, when I hug my kids as I put them to bed at night…….

I KNOW that I am not hugging ‘Randomness’

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