Sunday, October 11, 2009

The UGLY Eugene Terre Blanche......and a scam called the Human Rights Movement

Over the past few weeks, the AWB has been getting some press coverage. The man Julius Malema calls ‘an ugly man’, Eugene Terre Blanche, is trying to re-launch the AWB

The AWB, and many (what we usually call) right-wing Afrikaners, believe that their country has been stolen from them. And for those that wish to liberate the whole of South Africa, there are many more who simply wish to have an Afrikaner homeland, in some form. A homeland where this unique people ( a people with a common language, ideology and history) can live in peace. A land from which they can engage in the world as proud Afrikaners. A place to call home.

In political struggle terms, this is referred to as the right to ‘self determination’.

The AWB continues to be regarded as insane lunatics. Racists. Bigots. Anti-semites. Ugly
And they may very well be these things.

And so, as supporters and believers in ‘human rights’, we continue to condemn these lunatics, racists, bigots and anti-semites

And, the more left wing you are, the more you will support any ‘human rights’ movement


At a recent Ventersdorp gathering, Malema’s ugly Terre Blanche clearly stated that he (and his followers) want an Afrikaner homeland.

Terre Blanche also clearly stated that the re-launch of the AWB was not an armed struggle

The world, and every lefty, condemns the actions and beliefs of the right-wing Afrikaner movement. A movement based on a nation’s right to self-determination. And I use the word nation intentionally, because that is what they are. Afrikaners have a common language, history, ideology…..and land

And in the name of (holier-than-thou) ‘human rights’, the AWB is condemned. And for some of its beliefs, maybe it should be

Hold on a moment. Did Terre Blanche himself, not clearly state that their struggle is not an armed struggle?

Maybe, just maybe, if the AWB starts blowing up busses filled with children, or targets schools with bombs, or stabs policemen and soldiers…. all in the name of their struggle for self-determination…. then maybe they will be pitied by the rational, liberal human rights movement.

Maybe then they won’t be called murderers, bigots, racists and anti-semites. Maybe then, the human rights movement will start calling them ‘disenchanted’, ‘oppressed’, ‘dis-possessed’.

Maybe the Afrikaner movement should start blowing up busses. Maybe then the human rights movement, the ANC, and all their kind in the ‘modern, rational’ world will no longer refer to them as murderers, or racists, or anti-semites?

The AWB has clearly stated it will not embark on an armed struggle.

And they continue to be the laughing stock of the (so called) liberal-minded supporters of human rights

The rational world we live in condemns one (almost) peace loving movement for self-determination. In fact it calls that movement: ‘ugly’.

And another movement for self-determination, one that uses the murder of innocents as ‘legitimate’ means , is called oppressed. These means are clearly stated (by many of the movement’s leadership) as legitimate tools in the fight for liberation. Not only are they oppressed, they are lovers of peace (we are told). Not only are they lovers of peace, God help you if you accuse that movement of anti-semitism. They are only anti-Zionist, or anti-Israel (we are if those things are okay)

So, here’s to you, the liberal, enlightened world: Remember that according to your world view, blowing up of school busses filled with Jewish and/or Israeli children, is legitimate for the human rights cause called: Self-determination

You support murderers of innocents. You support the movement’s leadership, a leadership that clearly states its intentions to use such methods. You also claim that you offer this support in the name of human rights.

You also claim that you are not anti-semitic

Terre Blanche has clearly stated that he will not embark on an armed struggle for the purpose of a homeland and the right to self determination

The AWB has NEVER blown up a bus filled with innocent children.

And your world of human rights continues to call Eugene Terre Blanche’s world: Bigoted. Racist. Anti-semetic

And your world of human rights continues to support a movement that it is committed to, and commits, acts of violence and murder for the purpose of a homeland and the right to self determination

Now that’s, what I call….. UGLY

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